Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She's a person now!!!!

So....Brynne is technically a person now with a number. Her social security card and number came in the mail yesterday. AHAHAH. I cheered, and she smiled. I'll also say she's really been smiling a ton at Jason and me lately...and it's just too cute! Maybe it's because she got her social security card in the mail. Ahaha, probably not.

Here are a few pics...not the best quality, but the one in the picture sure is! Ahahah, corny, i know!

She was watching t.v. in this one...The Pumpkin Charlie Brown movie...can't think of the the title..ahahah.
I can't seem to keep her bibs on straight! They are always twisted. Still though, she looks cute...

Had to put one of the boys. I feel bad for them. They are no longer one of my biggest priorities...awe....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the chaos begins...

So tomorrow (Wednesday) is my last full day at home with my baby girl before returning back to work! Boo! I'm trying to stay positive....but it's hard. I took her to the school today to touch base with my sub, and oh gosh, I forgot how overwhelming running a class full of 2nd graders can be...especially with new curriculum! I'll make it though......I have a wonderful team of teachers to work with, and I have the Lord on my side ready to give me the strength I need!!!!

We've been dealing with a very fussy, mad baby at random times lately! It kills me to not know how to help Brynne...but then she's also been super smiley after the fits! She did, however, sleep 9 hours last night! I just love watching her sleep. She looks so peaceful and precious, and I just want to squeeze her little cheeks (but i don't or i'd wake her up!)

Since I wrote last, our poor Byson got his foot caught in his dog cage. Reggie was in the same cage at the time and was scared to death when I went down to see what the HORRID dog scream was all about. I heard it from upstairs...the opposite side of the house and for sure thought some lady was screaming and hurt outside our house. Then I realized the noise was traveling through the vent...and let's just say it was SOOOOOO scary. I felt so bad for the guy! He was in so much pain but was relieved after Jason got him lose.

OK, i need to get sleep while the baby is sleeping! I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow (Everything I kept putting off the past few months!)....laundry, packing for the weekend trip to Krista's wedding, lesson plans, cleaning, and most importantly, enjoying my time with Brynne! I'll post more pictures soon!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun times...

I'll start with pictures(and then you can read more about them in the paragraphs ahead!!!!

My cutie all ready to go to the reunion breakfast with mommy...

Here is Brynne with Ryanne...along with the adorable blanket Ryanne made her!

A cute thigh with a Sponge Bob band-aid...

Brynne crying in pain after her shots....and her cute Barbie band-aid on the other thigh! (This picture was taken when I took her to the school to plan a little with some teacher friends immediately after her shots)

At the Doctor's Office....2 months old!

She's so sleepy!

We've had a great weekend! This weekend was my alma mater's homecoming. My best friend and her husband (who has become one of Jason's best friends...they have so many of the same interests it's crazy...God knew what he was doing when he found them for us because our husbands HAVE to be friends!) came to stay with us. Ryanne and I, along with the baby, went to our class's 5 year reunion breakfast. It was nice to see some old friends, and it's crazy how much our campus has changed! You'd think I'd be more aware of the changes since I literally live a quarter of a mile away and since my husband works there...but nope, hadn't see them yet! Last night, the guys enjoyed movies and video games while we watched hours and hours of home videos I took during our college days. Ryanne also brought the finished blanket she made Brynne! It's so cute and she even made it polka dotted! What an awesome friend! I know it will be one of Brynne's favorite blankies!

In addition...since I've blogged last, Brynne had her 2 month check up! That's right, our girl is getting SO old! ahahah It's starting to be hard to remember what life was like without her. I'm still so overwhelmed with joy that God blessed us with her, and I love her soooo much! She got her first shots at the doctor's office....which she thought was horrible of course. The days since have been a little difficult....lots of crying, loss of appetite, and very sleepy, but she's doing a lot better today! I think the side effects are over! I, of course, had to take pictures of her cute little thighs with the band-aids they gave her: one of Barbie, and the other being Sponge Bob. ahahah, cute. OH, and I probably should add, she's gained 2 pounds since her one month she's now a whopping 11 pounds, 7 ounces!

Well, as I close, let me remind everyone that I could use your prayers this week! On Thursday I return to work (parent teacher conferences)...and same with Friday. Then this weekend will be a big one as we travel for the first time with our baby, to take part in Jason's sister Krista's wedding! When we return, Monday will be my first day back with students! Yikes, it will be a BIG adjustment, and before I think too deeply about it now, I better stop typing or the tears will start flowing!!!! Happy FALL!!!!!!! The best season ever!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some cute pictures...

8 weeks old...

Well, I've been hoping October is such a SLOW month...but it's not happening! Where did this past week go!?
Today marks 8 weeks of Brynne in this world! I cannot believe she is getting so old and big...and I should probably CUTE! Jason and I fall in love with her more and more everday. Her smile melts our hearts! She's been smiling a ton lately....even at Byson. Who could smile at a hairy, smelly dog that has a licking problem? Her! I turned around today to find him licking her face...ugh....and she didn't mind! That crazy dog! Anyways, every time she smiles, i get the video camera out, and then of course, she's so perplexed by the red light on the camera that she goes from being smiley to serious. Ahahah.
OH GOSH, and I better add that this week....for the past four nights, Brynne has slept almost 8 hour stretches! I'm so proud of her!
Brynne also went to her first play date with some friends of mine from college on Wednesday. She now has new friends her age! Yeah!
Last night, Brynne went pumpkin carving....but slept through most of it! We took some pictures of her with the finished pumpkins....
Alright...i'm going to stop blabbing and post some pictures before the little one is ready to eat again!
Ruby, Ava. Collin, and Brynne

The finished pumpkins with our little punkin...

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts, Family, and Fun!

Mom and Dad Aukerman, as well as Jason's sister Alissa came to visit us this weekend for Jason's birthday! (Well, actually mostly to see Brynne of course :-)) We went out to eat for Jason's bday, which happened to be Brynne's first restaurant experience. We're proud to say she slept the whole time and didn't cause a big scene! Phew! We also enjoyed a relaxing day on Sunday with church, a Colts game, and a nap!

Had to get a shot of the restaurant sign so Brynne could remember her first restaurant experience!

The fam...(Lissy had a cuter version on her camera, but this one will have to do becuase if I don't post this now, I may never get another chance ahahah)

Dad, Lissy, and Mom

Brynne in her Colts cheerleading outfit!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today Jason turned 27! He can finally say his wife isn't older than him, and that his younger brother Adam isn't the same age as him! :-) Jason loves the number 7. Since I didn't know him when he was 7 ....and I didn't think I'd remember to care when he's 77, I decided to make his 27th a little unique. He doesn't like suprise parties, and he enjoys his Friday nights lounging in our living room as a family while watching movies blaring with I decided to keep it low key, but make him feel remembered and loved. So....Brynne and I took a few shopping trips this past the Dollar Store, Target,and K Mart. We purchased 27 gifts for Jason.....ahahaha....and wrapping them took forever! As he opened each gift, I told him who it was from (Bryson, Reggie, Brynne, me, or all of us ahahahah...). It was fun to see him open all of his favorite treats, a few movies, a pumpkin, and some random things too(that Brynne picked out of course)! Here are some pictures from tonight...

Here he is reading his cards and sitting next to his basket of gifts!

All 27 gifts. I had them numbered so I'd remember what they were, but he opened them so fast that I didn't have time to look. It was kind of fun to guess what it was as I handed it to him!

Jason opening the pumpkin candles from Reggie as the boys and baby girl look on....ahahah, they were super excited!

Now it's time for his favorite pie and Breyers vanilla ice cream! YUM!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pretty girl...

I just LOVE her!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Oh brother....
So Byson got in trouble for eating some chicken wing bones off of Jason's plate yesterday.....those are dangerous for dogs! Jason made him get in Reggie's box (a.k.a a dog crate but we've always called it a box for some odd reason). Reggie is half the size of is his cage! AHAHAH. Well, Jason came in and woke me up at about midnight last night to tell me I had to come see something really funny. I was so mad because I had just finally had fallen asleep. was worth it. This is what I saw...

He turned his body the shorter way the rectangular shaped cage and since he didn't fit...he stuck his paws and head through and was pretty much not going anywhere. He was stuck, and his moaning from the basement is what made Jason go down to check on him...finding him looking like that. We were obviously laughing at him, and I could tell he felt stupid and sad that we were making fun of him. ahahahah Luckily, he made it out alive...:-)
So in continuation to that story...this afternoon, Reggie found that same plate with chicken bones (which was now on the kitchen table and was missed when i loaded the dishwasher) and ate some too! He spent the day in his box today too....and was puking up chicken bones tonight. GOSH! Dogs keep ya on your feet! :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogging Instead of Cleaning....Oops!

So...i was carrying Brynne around and she fell asleep and i didnt want to wake her by taking her out but i wanted a nap too, so.....yea! Side note: nice outfit i'm wearing, huh? Thats a whole other story....ahahahha

So I have a few minutes before Brynne should be waking up to eat, and she's actually sleeping in her crib without me holding her! (That's not an extremely happy thing. Of course I'd rather hold her all the time, but I've found that not getting a single thing done during the day due to holding a sleeping baby is a little frustrating after the mess builds up!) I can't remember what I've updated everyone on lately, and to stop and go look in old posts would take too much time and effort, so if any of this is repeat info...sorry! are a few updates about us:(well, about Brynne mainly!)
1. Brynne has slept in her crib at night for three nights now! She goes down at night pretty well lately, and hasn't had her extreme fussiness since I've given her a bottle of milk I pumped instead of nursing her at her feeding right before bed. I think this has helped her get a full feeding....and....she's slept better since doing this! Yeah!
2. I'm still desperately wanting her to smile at me on purpose. She smiles for daddy occasionally, and has smiled for me two times....but since she'll be 6 weeks tomorrow, I'm thinking she should be doing this more often. She changes so much every week though, so i'm sure with a little more time, she'll be all smiles!!!
3. Brynne had her first trip to Target on Wednesday. ahahah (i had to throw that in there cuz i love target!)
4. We got a tub of cute clothes from a friend for her to wear this fall and winter....and I'M SO THANKFUL! Thanks again Jen!
5. I've found that Brynne is very impatient. ahahahah. She knows what she wants....and she wants it. But on a serious note, I've felt more at ease this week and feel like I'm beginning to know what will make her feel better when she cries. Yeah!
6. Brynne loves to pull my hair. ahahah
I just love being a mom! AND....she's crying now.....gotta sign off! Happy Friday!