Monday, September 29, 2008

Precious girl...

Mommy can't ever seem to get a good picture with Brynne as you can see once again in the following picture!

Daddy loves tormenting Byson...(Reggie does still exist by the way...I guess i've left him out lately, oops!)

Daddy and his girl...

Brynne and her baby doll

There ya have it. Some shots from our weekend. Besides changing diapers, feeding, and holding a baby, the only other thing that really goes on here is taking pictures ahahha. We had a great weekend. It was beautiful, and I even was brave enough to finally go somewhere with Brynne! She attended her first soccer game and cried through the entire third quarter. Ahahah. It was fun though, and I need to start taking her more places so I can get over my fear of annoying people when my baby cries!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Parenting a dog...and the case of the mysterious caps!

So today I had one of those moments where you have to discipline....yet, the problem that you're trying to discipline is the funniest thing ever so you try not to laugh! Here's what happened....
I was holding my crying baby trying to get her to eat or stop crying....when all of a sudden, I realized I heard Byson chewing on something in the kitchen. Now, the boys were not used to being locked in the kitchen with a gate until Brynne came along, so I think they are still a little bit mad about it. Byson is still a puppy, and he can get bored easily if he's not sleeping so usually he chews his bone. Yesterday I caught him chewing on my magnetic shopping list notepad which he took off the I figured it was probably another fridge item today...or being postitive...maybe just his bone. Well....he found the gallons of water Jason bought for us to drink since our water tastes weird lately and we're scared to drink it. He chewed the caps off of three of the gallons. When I looked in the kitchen to see what he was chewing....I was thinking, "Where in the heck did those come from?" I knew I just took the garbage out, so he couldn't have gone digging through it. Then, it hit me....and I looked to my left to notice the gallons missing caps. Then I looked back at Byson to tell him he was a bad boy...but I started to I looked away, and then tried a second attempt....and smiled while telling him that was naughty. OH brother...I better work on keeping a straight face before our little girl needs some disciplining! Way to give a mixed message huh!? ahaha Here is a shot of Byson and his caps....and the water gallons missing caps.... He's pretty guilty looking!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Month Check Up

Hi, I'm Brynne Aukerman, and I went to see Dr. Oo today! I love my Dr. Oo. He was so nice. I weighed 9 pounds 7 ounces, and I was 21 and 3/4 inches long. He said I was a growing girl! Here's me at the doctor's office. Burrr, it's so cold and they make you lay there in a diaper!
Here's a picture with my mommy and me sleeping. We were sleepy heads!

Here's a picture with me and my baby doll.

Thanks for reading everyone! I love you! Love, Brynne

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Better Intentions, Sorry!'s been a week! (hence the title of this blog...i meant to update you more!)

We've had a great week together! Here are some shots to show you what we've been up to!!!!

This is the first picture of Brynne that I actually see in her myself as a baby....she loves her bath time and tends to surprise me with "going potty" each time we take a bath! ahahahah

This is another shot of bath time...i just love her silly little face here! She's gettin' to be a chunk!

We met up with my friend Anne from college who has a baby one week older than Brynne. The girls are destined to be college roommates at ONU someday...

Here is the picture of Brynne and Ellie that we plan on hanging in their dorm room in 17 years....The day they first met....

Finally, here is Brynne all ready to go for a walk in her new stroller! (Her first walk, and she loved it!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's just say Jason was glad I was the one it happened to...

So today, I was part of a another explosion from Brynne that happened in the middle of changing her diaper! ahahah This has happened quite a few times before, but this time, it caught me way off gaurd! I screamed so loud! Ahahah Of course she was wearing an outfit for Daddy that I wanted him to see her in......well, she'll just have to wear it for him another day after it's washed! So anyways, I laughed so hard....kissed her head....and laughed some more because she was completely confused and clueless about what was happening. It was just too cute. I put her in the tub, got her clean, and thanked her for being a good sport! Awe, babies are just too precious!!!! Next time, she'll have to get Daddy!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun away from home...

Last night, Brynne and I went to Auntie Kristin Miller's house to watch a movie! She looked so cute in her seat all ready to go!
This afternoon, we spent some time down at Uncle Dennis and Aunt Alana's house. Brynne loved seeing her cousins!!!

All ready to go...

I love my pacifier!

Mommy, Brynne, and Cousin Andrew

Mommy and Brynne

Mommy's Little Monster...(i look like a boy when i wear this!)

Brynne and her cousins...we love that they live just down the street!

Brynne and Cousin Asher

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 weeks old!!!!

Wow, it's weird to think three weeks ago today Brynne wasn't here yet! The time has flown by though, and before I know it, she will grow up and not be our baby anymore!!!! I'm cherishing every day with her, and I LOVE being able to be at home with her for now! It's been so awesome to watch her change so much in the past three weeks! She's getting so big! Here are some recent pics...

Play time...

Sleepy Girl...

Mom, not another picture!!!!

Brynne and Mr. Caterpillar...

Brynne watching her first "movie"...Baby Einstein's Mozart Movie! She loved it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Brynne's first Colts Game!

Ok, so the game was pretty upsetting, but Brynne didn't seem to mind. She just decided to sleep through it all! ahahah

Here are some shots of our little colt!

2 weeks old!

It's been quite a fun week! Brynne has been such a little sweetheart! She eats well, sleeps pretty well, and is a champ at dealing with hiccups numerous times a day! I took her to bible study on Thursday and she slept the whole time without making a peep. Here are a few shots of our sleeping girl this week...
(the one with the mail is her first mail addressed to her from her Grandpa Crawford ahaha)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st check-up

Yesterday, Brynne had her first Doctor Check up since birth. We were so happy to find that she regained her birth weight plus some extra ounces! The doctor said that is great considering we're not using formula. Yeah! I'm so glad to know she's getting enough to eat! Everything else looked good except she does have a little bit of an eye infection in one eye. We got some medicine today, so hopefully it will clear up for her! It doesn't seem to bother just looks yucky at times. Poor thing!
Well, it's time for Brynne's i better go! More pictures to come soon!