Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Boys...still the center of attention, but not for long!

So I've had a week mostly at home and had a lot of fun with the dogs. They were being cute, so I got some pictures.....

Reggie was so, so sleepy.

Sorry, this one is sideways! Byson was so sad that mommy blocked him in the kitchen cuz he had muddy feet!

Balloon fun.... I was given some balloons at baby showers, and Byson loved playing with them. Well we decided to tie one to his collar, and it drove him crazy. Ahahaha. I gave him another balloon to play with too, and he really had a good time and it was hilarious to watch!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

31 weeks belly shot and a VERY rough look at our baby room...

Sorry about the shadow...Jase's hand must have gotten in the way of the picture or something! 31 weeks....

OK, so I've finally got our baby room looking somewhat ready, however I still have lots to do! I still need to hang things on the wall and organize a bit, as well as get the right size rug and wash some things. The rug I got (it's in one picture i'm including) is too small, and of course there isn't the next size up....they just sell a big one and the size I got. Bummer! I think the big one will work okay though...of course it just costs more!
So....I thought I'd post some pictures of what the room looks like so far. I have to be sneaky because I have some rough draft paper letters hanging on the wall of the baby's name...just so i have an idea of what the real thing will look like when it's hung ahahah. I won't post that picture! Sorry to those who are going nuts trying to guess! Soon, you'll know too! :-) Anyways, I also took some individual shots of the curtain, my chair that has the comforter on it, and the hamper cuz I think they are cute and I love the polka dots!

This shot shows the rug I need to take back....and the lamp ribbon needs gluing still....

The hamper...

The chair and comforter...

The curtain...

The was Jason's dad's crib, as well as Jason's crib...and his syblings! It's full of junk in the picture and the bedding needs washing....

Wow, and I just realized I posted something three days in a row! ahahah

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our baby girl and her 31 week photo shoot!

Today we had our complimentary 4D ultrasound....what fun! Here are some of my favorite shots. We were given so many prints and a disk full of shots! It was hard to pick and choose! :-) I'll also have to post a picture of her baby bedding that finally arrived today! Yeah!!!!!!!

My favorite photo...

She's got daddy's nose.

She's smiling! (i think)

Her foot was by her head the whole time! How uncomfortable!

This one's not the best...kinda unclear, but her mouth is open! ahaha

WE CAN'T WAIT FOR HER TO ARRIVE! Only 9 more weeks....i think we're at um....64 days left maybe? Unless she comes on August 8th (or August 18..second choice) like I'm hoping....then even less!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our poor baby boy...(Byson)...and his trip to "Camp"

Well, Byson went off to what I called "Camp Neuter" yesterday.(Reggie knew that camp really meant surgery....but of course I kept that secret from Byson! ahahah) We dropped him off at 7am and picked him back up at 6:30pm. They put all the dogs in a trailer and drove them up north to the clinic! (We heard about this 10 dollar deal in the paper thanks to our sister in law, and let's just say it saved us 210 dollars! Vets are expensive!) He came back SO drugged up it was kind of scary. I actually worried about him last night. He was sooooooooo out of it (as you can see by the pictures i'm posting) but he was sooooo precious too, and his daddy helped comfort him. Today he's been acting more normal...licking things, fighting with his big brother, and eating and drinking food. I'm glad!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A weekend finally spent at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goodness, we've been traveling every weekend for the past um....3 or 4 weekends so it's great to be home this weekend! Jason is graciously helping me with a project I started back in March...painting the kitchen. We had to take down wallpaper first. I HATE WALLPAPER REMOVAL! After some patience, we got most of it down, and he's actually priming the room as I type! He's also in the process of fixing the nursery ceiling so I'm thinking tomorrow that room will be ready to finally get ready for our baby girl! YEAH! Now if we can find the time to do that! Jason is busy with work and my one week, all day grad class starts on Monday (but will be done Friday!) I'm still waiting on the baby bedding to arrive in the mail too...and like the curtain, they keep switching the expected ship date. UGH. I'm just praying it's here soon becuase I can hardly take it! :-)
We had a dr. check up yesterday and things went well. I'm measuring just right or a little ahead of where I should be....and what's crazy is I only gained 1 lb. (well not even a full pound) between my last appointment last month and this appointment! I was a little concerned, but the dr. said I probably won't gain a ton more because I'm mainly just gaining what the baby gains....I hope she stays little so I can have an easy birth! ahhaha Doc said I graduated to the every two week appointment my next appoinment will be here in no time! I'm also looking forward to our 4D ultrasound which is scheduled for the 24th of this month.
Alright, well, I better get busy! I feel like time is flying by and I can't believe it's already the middle of June!
OH, and I never did post anything about my baby shower in Michigan last weekend! It was great....we got GREAT stuff, and I'm so thankful for my family and friends up that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll try to post pictures of our finished kitchen and baby room as they come! (I'm nervous about the kitchen. I don't know if I like the color of paint we ended up going with...I haven't seen it on the wall yet, but it's just not what I invisioned (more cream than beige). Jase thought maybe a lighter shade would be better because our house is full of darker shades.....and at this point, i just want it painted so anything is fine!!!!!!! :-) We'll see!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

School's Out for the Summer!

Well, we've been out since May 30th, however, I've been working so hard to be productive and check off things on my list that I haven't sat down to update you all! This week I have been working my part time job (therapy sessions with a child with autism) and have had two meetings at work for our new reading series, but other than that....i've been sorting, cleaning, and working around the house. Jason helped me move the desk and computer out of our old "office" so that it can become a baby room soon! I also cleared out the closet of anything that wasn't baby related, so now we just need to fix the ceiling (it leaks..ugh) and then move all of the baby stuff that is taking over our living room, hallway, and bedroom into the baby room! Our baby bedding is set to ship on June 10th, so I hope by next weekend it is here! Let's see....what else....I set up our complimentary 4D ultrasound yesterday for June 24th. I'm excited to see our little baby again! Alright...well, now that I'm home for the summer....well....i don't think there's day on the calendar in June that doesn't have something planned....but I'll try to be better about updates!