Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas girl...

She kept smiling after the all I could get was the deer in the headlights look....

Mommy! Not another picture!!!!


Wow....what a week. The week of work was pretty crazy as the kids were very excited for their upcoming break causing them to be a little out of control! Thursday we had pj day and went to the local movie theater to watch the Polar Express. It was a fun day! We were warned of a possible ice storm hitting us that evening and told that school may be cancelled on Friday. Of course with our long break only one day away, all the teachers would've much rather have been at work on Friday for the easy, fun early dismissal day rather than make it up the spring and have to go back in June instead of getting out in May! UGH....the weather won though, and the ice that hit caused power outages and no school! My "snow day" home was worthless. The power was out for us....and didn't return until today at we had a very dark, cold past 31 hours of no electricity! Thankfully, my friends let me come shower, bathe Brynne, and do a load of laundry. While the power was out, we decided we'd just leave town earlier than planned for the holidays since it started to get so cold, and then of course as we were packing the last items, the power returned. We're home tonight trying to "fix" the mess that we made in the house, as well as fix our packing that we did in the dark, do some laundry, and leave on a good note in the morning!!!!
Ahhhh! And Pray! The wind is causing the icy tree limbs surrounding our house to fall...and i'm scared they are going to cause lots of damage to our house or car!
Here are the latest pictures....

PJ second grade team. I LOVE THEM and couldn't survive this year without them!

Daddy trying to keep the dogs warm in our freezing house with no power!

Mommy hugging and squeezing the dogs!

Our bundled baby sleeping and trying to stay warm in our house of no heat! (It didn't seem to phase her!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So Fun!

Having a daughter is just that....SO FUN! It's been a hectic few weeks since I last posted. I kind of wonder what I used to do with all my time. I thought I never had time to get things done before a baby??? Yea, I had no idea! ahahha Brynne has been a joy....we are constantly smiling and laughing at her. My favorite thing is to go get her out of bed after she wakes up....and I get the biggest smile ever. It melts my heart. Tonight she was talking non stop for about 10 minutes....and it was so precious. She also sticks everything in her mouth now and seems to enjoy sucking on her hand! I can hardly believe she's almost four months old!
I wanted to post one picture from tonight. After she talked forever....she fell asleep on the floor....and when I turned around to look at her, she had ahold of Reggie's fur while she was sleeping! So funny!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3rd post in one day! Ahahah

I'm trying to catch up on some pictures I wanted to share. Here are the last 2 I had to share with everyone....
The first is a picture of my baby girl all ready in the morning to go to the babysitter. She took her baby doll with her that day and just looked so precious to me.
The second is a picture of Byson and Reggie on the way home from Thanksgiving in Indiana....I couldn't see what they were doing in the back so I held the camera in my hand and stuck it over the seat. That is what I saw ahahahah. So cute.

Aunt Alayna LOVES Brynne!

I had to give Aunt Alayna (who is 18 months old) her own little post recognition. She loved baby Brynne and pointed at her and played with her whenever she got the chance. Here are some pictures to prove her love....:-)

We love this time of year!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are so special!!!! I love celebrating with friends and family and following traditions that we've made! This year Jason and I sat down and planned out some traditions that we want to start now that we have a child. I'm thankful that I have the holiday break that I have from work so that I have time to enjoy the season and relax a bit! Anyways, I'm a bit behind on my blogging, and I have a trillion pictures to post! We had a great Thanksgiving with Jason's family. Brynne however did decide to have an exposion in her diaper at the dinner table and had evidence coming up her back! Ahahaha, way to ruin the meal!
Here are some of Brynne's first Thanksgiving pics:
Uncle Colin and Brynne

Uncle Adam and Brynne

Aunt Shayna, Aunt Alayna, and Brynne

Grandpa, Aunt Alayna, and Brynne