Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our little princess...

Well, our baby girl is already five days old, and we're loving life with her! For those of you who have a facebook account, you've seen these pictures, but for everyone are some of our favorites so far! We have gone camera crazy...seriously, I snap about 10 shots an hour probably! ahahahha I'm sure that will die down as life gets more and more hectic, but for now, I'm so in love with this new precious baby I can't help it!

After her first bath, 3 days old...this gown outfit made us laugh! She looks like a glow-worm. We love this picture!

Such a precious girl!

Here she is 3 days old...already so alert!

In her outfit she wore home from the hospital...

Meeting 2 of her cousins for the first time...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brynne Reece Aukerman

She finally arrived!
(pronounced: Brin):-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008
7 lbs. 3.5 oz.
21 inches
Sooooo cute and little!

We love being parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

39 weeks

So, I have one week left. I cannot believe it. Seriously, the time is here! Woah! Here is hopefully one of the last pregnancy shots....

And, I had to include a cute shot of my boys playing....I love them!

Today was the first day of students. Quite a tiring day of collecting school supplies....and that's pretty much what we do on the first day! I forgot how tiring it is to manage a ton of 7 year olds! :-)
Overall, the day went as well as it could! Another school year has started....and i'm in shock!

Monday, August 18, 2008

We're out of 8's...

Ok, today was the i'm giving up on 8's. I don't think I want to go past my due date and hit the now, any number is great! ahahahah

Friday, August 15, 2008

38.5 week appt. update

So I just returned from the doctor....she checked me today and doesn't think I'll make it to my due date. We'll see....:-) She said I'm 2 cm dialated and 80%, hmmm, maybe I could manage the 18th. 18 is a good number. ahahah I told her that and she said, "What's wrong with the 17th?" I was Then she said, "Well one plus seven is eight." ahahah I told her that was good positive thinking and I'd take that day too! :-) Who knows....maybe I'll still be pregnant in a few i'm just gonna continue to go with the flow and take advantage of my freedom. :-) Alright, happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 weeks to go...

Down to 15 days! (OR LESS....or more ahahahah gag) So every little contraction or weird pain I've had in the past few days...I start thinking, could this be the one to start it all and get this show on the road!? But then, so far, it hasn't been....:-)

This is the last week before school starts. I have some final preparations to make, and then the kids will be here next Tuesday! Oh my word! I really feel like it was just Christmas! I'm excited for this new phase of life that I'm about to enter. It's going to be a learning experience, and I know I will need to rely on God's strength to learn how to prioritize to be the best mom, Christian, wife, and teacher I can be. When did I get old?! Ha!

Well, I have a meeting in 45 minutes, and of course, I'm not ready to go yet! Thanks for your prayers in the next few weeks. We need them....(I NEED THEM). Last night I was laying in bed thinking, Lord, if this is just a little clipping of the pain I'm going to experience, I cannot do it without you! ahahahahha OH BROTHER!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Well, unless some miracle happens, baby Aukerman isn't going to be an 8-8-08 baby. That's okay though, I figured she wouldn't! :-) I think anyone who is born today has to be a very cool person though. ahahahah

Monday, August 4, 2008

37 weeks, 27th bday, and the dogs...(what a creative title)

So, it's late, and after my first day back at work, I'm starting to remember how tired I can get! :-) This will be a quick post because of that!
So, the past few days have been awesome! I had a wonderful 27th bday. Jason helped me have a very fun, relaxing day. We went out for my favorite breakfast at Cracker Barrel, got some girly movies to watch, took a walk with our dogs, he cleaned the house, and we got pizza at Monicals (a tradition now for three years on my bday). OH, and I can't forget to tell everyone, he once again made my funfetti with rainbow chip icing cake. He drove all over town to find the frosting (i'm picky about very few being that frosting). What a great day! (please enjoy the picture of Jason and his cheesy smile. ahahah) While Jason was cleaning he made Byson stay in the kitchen (that's the cute picture you see on this post....he was sad). Um.....i think that's all the update I'll give now! We're down to something like 21 days or so.....Let's go baby! We're so ready to meet her!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Yeah! August is here! This is going to be a very busy month, and I'm hoping part of that busy-ness is the birth of our baby! She's an August baby....not a September baby! (I hope!)
This has been my last week of freedom. Starting Monday I will be in my classroom getting things around for the school year. I'm trying not to think too deeply about that because I start to get anxious! I wish it was summer break all year round! :-)
We really don't have much else to report. I had another doctor appointment today....and I think I probably only have 3 left unless our baby decides to come late. That's crazy to think about! The end of the month will be here before we know it! I think Jason is really getting excited too. He asks everyday if the baby is going to come that day....and I just say, I don't know?! :-) I wish I did....the planner in me doesn't like the suspense!
Not much else is new here. My little nephew starts his soccer games tomorrow so i'll be attending one of well as trying to finish a book I started last week because if I don't finish it before school work on Monday, it'll have to wait til next summer!
I'll try to post some updated pics soon!