Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend...and the curtain

27 weeks...My girl and I...

My beautiful grandma(She lost her teeth earlier in the week, but she's still so adorable), my baby, and I...

We had a great time in Michigan this past weekend! I was able to reunite with some of my best friends, saw my extended family, got more fun stuff at a family baby shower, and ate great food! :-) I should say more about the weekend, but I'm soooooo tired. Thankfully, tomorrow is the LAST full day of students!!!! OHHHHH and before I forget.....for those of you who have known my curtain dilemma (ordered on April 15th and have been waiting ever since)....IT FINALLY ARRIVED! I think I like it lots. I can't wait to see the bedding. Mom had me order that as a gift from her tonight.....so who knows how long that will take to arrive, but I'll post as soon as I know if it's cute or not! :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Showers...

Well, the showers have begun, and I feel so blessed to have people who care enough about Jason and me to shower us (well, me cuz i'm the one at the showers...he's a guy) with so much love and gifts for our baby!
Last week my 2nd grade team threw an awesome staff shower at work. They had my mom surprise me and she showed up at the shower! A few mom's of kids in my classroom threw a party in my classroom with my students this week. They surprised me with a homemade scrapbook of advice on how to raise a baby. Each student did an advice page as well as their mom (so I received some "real" advice). Oh my word, kids say the cutest things...such as "Don't drink beer and do good things to the baby," "Make sure you watch her so she doesn't go out into the street," and "Baby car seats face backwards just so ya know..." We got such great gifts at both showers...I was overwhelmed with joy! :-) THANK YOU everyone!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment...ahaha....OK, maybe not.......they won't scan for me!!!!! I'll try to post more another time! :-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

98 days...

OK, so i'm under the 100 day mark and got so excited, I had to tell everyone! ahahah 98 still seems like a ton until you think of the fact that the countdown started at um....280ish days or something. I know it will go so fast.
So I haven't put an update on here in awhile, and I have quite a bit that has happened since two weeks ago when I posted! I'll have to try to get to that tonight! If I do it now, i'll be late for work!!!!
Have a great day! I'm on my last 5 full day of student-stretch. Phew!

Monday, May 12, 2008

24 week shot...

So I had to post this picture because I find it hilarious. Notice my white tank top that you can see through my green shirt. It's my regular tank top that I'm probably stretching out too much to wear again in the future, but anways, it used to sit at my hips, and as of now, it sits just above my belly button. AHAHAHA. Can you tell finding something to wear in the morning isn't easy!? ahahah I'm always running late for work!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, my Jason sure did make my first Mother's Day special. :-) He gave me a cute card and roses, and he also suprised me with a glider chair for our baby nursery. It's super cute and I love it. It is also a gift from my in laws who wanted to give us a gift for our new baby, so they went in with Jase to get me a chair. I guess the chair was shipped last week and has been in our garage the whole time! I didn't figure that one out! He said I was even here when the UPS man dropped it off....but he happened to be outside doing yard work, so he was able to catch him and hide the chair! AWE....what a guy! :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

:-) Awe...

This first shot proves she just might be a runner like mommy!

Here's the run down of our appointment at the University of Chicago today... We just got home....wow, long morning...but overall, good. First of all, the rush hour traffic on the way there was insane, but luckily we left early enough we got there on time (well, early actually). So after making a fool out of myself driving in the city, then asking crazy questions and not knowing where the heck to go....we found the place. We met with the genetic counselor who was VERY informative and did what every regular doctor office should do. She went through all of my records and previous ultrasounds with us and explained what measurements meant what....and explained the heart thing more. She talked about some stats of downs syndrome and gave us her direct number to call her with any other questions we might have. She was SO helpful.
After that, we went to the ultrasound room. A tech did the ultrasound and confirmed once again, it's a girl. Phew! :-) She also printed some 4D shots for us and we got to see our baby 's face and stuff. It was so exciting. Once again, I was blown away at how amazing technology and the miracle of life is! I love ultrasounds. It's so cool to see the baby. Of course, I think she's the cutest thing ever. :-)
Then, a dr. came in and looked at the heart again....explained that it wasn't a defect but just a dense area of muscle, and said they didn't see anything else that turned up as a marker for downs syndrome, so she didn't think we needed to worry (Not that I would worry if my baby had down syndrome. I learned that the risk is small today, and so if my baby does have downs syndrome, that makes me know how even more special she is because God wants her that way!) SO.........we were there 3 hours (woah) and then on the way home Jason took me to Panera! :-) Most of you who know me well know how passionate I am about that place! :-)
I am thankful we had the opportunity to go today. This has definitely eased some confusion for us....and reminded me that God is in control no matter what!