Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! The Dr. called and told me my blood showed antibodies to the she said i must have had the infection before sometime in the past. She said I should be fine! YEAH! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prayer request...

I'm copying this from an email I sent out to some people asking for those of you who got that email, this is a repeat! :-)

Ok, i'm going to attempt to make this quick and sum it up, but I need your prayer!

I was exposed to fifth's disease this week. It's something mostly kids get but then can pass on to adults and it's contagious until kids break out into a rash on their face. That's the only way you even know they have it. Anyways, if you want to know more...look it up on google! It's kinda a weird thing.

Anyways, it's only dangerous to pregnant women. Lovely. So, we sent the student home, who i'm sure has infected otheres in my class(because we share EVERYTHING), but i won't know until they have a rash....and i'm freaking out. So after a crazy morning of work yesterday...principal and secretaries in and out to tell me updates of the girl going home and me needing to call my dr, i finally heard from my doctor. She had me leave school early and go get blood drawn....and i haven't heard results yet. Mainly, if you've been exposed it the virus before, you're immune, and that's my prayer because otherwise i'm going to freak out the rest of the month being in my classroom around kids. (I did have a rash in the spring during track season in high school one year. They never called it fifth's disease, but maybe they were dumb and maybe that was it. That would be really cool.) If i caught the virus....i've heard from everything i've read (not from my dr yet because we didn't have time to talk when she called) that i have to go weekly to get ultrasounds and get blood checked....for 8-12 weeks so they can look for fetal anemia...something called fetal hydrops...and something with that which could cause the baby's heart to fail if it's serious and would cause death for the baby. They dont' think there are any other effects to a baby's development as far as birth defects go if those other things don't show up. A girl in my building had the same thing happen to her, but she was about 8 weeks ahead of me with her pregnancy, so she was fine. Still....that's good to hear that she's fine and her baby was fine.

They say half of all adults are already immune, so i'm praying and trying to be positive about that otherwise i don't want to go back to work! UGH! I'm frustrated about how much money those appointments will add up to be too....when it wasn't my fault! I shouldn't have to pay! Because I'm past the first half of my pregnancy, I'm at less risk than someone who is at the beginning stages, so that's a good sign....but i'm also scared becuase they say it can wait to show that you have it until weeks and weeks later and a lot of times adults don't have any symptoms so you wouldn't even know you had the virus (or something like that) ahah! So....unless i'm immune, I will worry for the next 3 months that something is wrong and UGH. (I'm probably not explaining this all correctly, so maybe you should just read about it online if you want to know more ahahah If you go to that link you can read a little more...then click on the treatment tab and it will talk about that.

So yea, another worry for me. I'm still concerned about the heart issue we heard of at our ultrasound a month ago, so Dr. Rama is sending me to University of Chicago on Thursday to meet with a genetics counselor who will do another ultrasound to look specifically for downs. She told us this is an option if we wanted to go, and I guess it wouldn't change anything about my baby to me...but it would help me be prepared if they found something that I need to be aware of. Also, a baby of Jason's family friend just died this week due to many complications at being with the left ventricle, so of course that is on the back of my mind too. Then I remember that God is so awesome and he has a plan, and I only want that for my whatever that is, I will be okay! He is in control, loves my baby, and has his own plan.

God's still making me work on the sin I'm so talented with..WORRY! I've just gotta give this to him and trust him to take care of my baby. Worry won't make anything better.


Thanks for your prayers....and sorry, that wasn't quick like I said it would be!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Shot....

Here's the latest belly shot.....I'm more than halfway there! I'm feeling pretty good besides some gallbladder pain still....and my CRAZY appetite that has gotten even crazier the past few days. I'm starting to get anxious about all that needs to be accomplished in the next 4 months....between house projects, work planning and prep, a summer college course, a summer part time job, and travel! YIKES! I know for those of you who are already parents, I don't know what "tired" or "no time" means yet! ahahah :-)
Good news...I think I finally decided on baby bedding....ahahah. It's not very baby-ish, but it has polka dots (which I've always loved and wanted an all polka dot room but couldn't find bedding I liked), green (my favorite color), and I like it. Ahahaha. I'm hoping I'll like it in person!
OK, enough ramblings from me of info that isn't a big deal!
Happy SUNNY day everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

20 weeks and counting...

Oh my word, is it August yet!? For those of you who is the most recent belly shot. I'm starting to feel like a balloon that is being blown up beyond capacity and that I'll pop any minute, and then I remember that I'm only half way there, and the next few months is the time you REALLY get big. CRAZY, but FUN! :-)

This is one of the most exciting times in my life, and I've got a bad case of what I call "Baby Brain." I can't get my mind off this little baby girl and getting her room ready and all that comes with having a child. I think I'm driving my poor husband crazy because all I talk about is baby stuff....but I guess I did that even before I was expecting. AHAHAH.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Continued Blessings...

OH MY WORD, this week has been awesome! So many times i've been reminded at how good life really is!
Yesterday this local second hand store in town was having this $5 fill a bag sale to empty out some of their extra inventory. Well, I decided that I would go...but I almost didn't. When I walked in, they had changed the sale to 2 bags for $5. OH MY WORD, I was so excited! I got a new Ralph Lauren winter coat, some sweaters and shirts, and TONS of little baby girl things! That is what I was most excited about! I got some outfits, a cute pink Gap coat, 4 pairs of little baby girl shoes and boots, hat, and gloves. You can say I was definitely JAMMING things in those bags! Who knows if the stuff will fit or be the right size at the right time for our baby girl, but WHAT A GOOD DEAL! I think everything pans out to be about 5-10 cents each, and it's all name brand VERY CLEAN stuff! YEAH!
Today, my friend Dawn from work brought me the cutest little baby gift. She said now that she knew I was having a girl, she just couldn't pass it up. She gave me some socks, mittens, a bib, and the cutest little newborn slippers.
OH MY WORD, I wish August was here right now! I'm so ready to dress this little one! :-)