Monday, March 31, 2008

Part One: Kids are so funny!/Part Two: Friends are Blessings!!!!

Part One: My "kids"
So today was my first day back to work after a much needed spring break. I decided I was finally going to share my baby news with my students.(2nd graders might I add...a very cute age) I made them a secret code to solve for morning work, where the message said: "Mrs. Aukerman is having a baby!" They were very excited. When we went over the answer to the secret code, I told them I'd been keeping this little secret from them since December. One little girl came up to me later and said...."Mrs. Aukerman, I've known since December." ahahah Yea, right, but that was cute of her to say! All day I was getting name suggestions (my favorite being Gabriella after the ever famous High School Musical star). I'm surprised no one said Hannah after Hannah Montana! I also had a few kids who told everyone to be quieter or they'd make the baby cry. HA! I'm going to have to use that one on the next loud day! I'm glad they thought of it! Anyways, I also was given many cards for my little baby, one little girl was calling her self "Grandma," and kids are just too cute!

Part Two: My co-worker friends are so thoughtful!

So today I was given three out of the blue gifts that just got my Monday off to a wonderful start! My friends are so awesome.

Carrie, the teacher across the hall gave me a cute pink and white set of baby bath towels. She also gave me 23 (TWENTY-THREE Ohhhhhhhh my word I'm so happy) Baby Einstein, Elmo, and Sesame street dvds! (Oh, and one dvd was Cinderella since i'm having a little "princess") WOW! How giving! She has a four year old who is done with them, and she decided to pass them on!

Dawn, the teacher next door, randomly brought me a box of my very favorite granola bars! She said they were to keep in my desk so I had a treat to eat! Awe!

Kristin, my good-ole college bud and old roomie who teaches down the hall bought me THEE cutest brown/pink/blue/green POLKA-DOT (my favorite) diaper bag!!!!! OH my word....HOW THOUGHTFUL!

Let's just say I feel blessed that God has brought such wonderful, giving people into my lives! Already my little girl is so spoiled! :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been to the hospital everyday this week but Wednesday! UGH...

For those of you who haven't heard, I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday (my regular check up). My doctor was actually away on an emergency leave, so the other doctor in the office met with me. She went over some results of blood work which was all good. We found out Jason is also RH- so I won't have to get anymore shots! I also was dehydrated! UGH. I've drank so much water since, and I joke that I think i'm going to move into the bathroom! I asked the doctor about my pain that i've been having in my ribs....and she was concerned it was my gallbladder, so today I had an ultrasound for that. I haven't received results yet. I'm hoping they can tell me what's going on with that, because last night I had a really bad attact, and the pain is HORRIBLE. I think they will have me control it with diet. Good-bye to my favorite foods, but it's worth it to get rid of the pain!
The doctor also went over our ultrasound results from Monday....and everything looks normal except they did find a mobile echogenic focus in the left ventricle. She had me get a fetal echocardiogram today to check on the baby's heart. It looks like things are fine with the heart and development but this echogenic focus (a bright calcium spot on the ultrasound) is showing up. The pediatric cardiologist said it wasn't a fatal thing...nor would the baby need heart treatments or anything. I guess the only concern is that this is a small marker for Downs Syndrome. Most of the time these issues go away before the baby is born and it doesn't mean anything, but there is a chance it could mean our baby girl has Downs. Being that I'm young, the chances aren't high, but it's still a chance. Jason and I of course wouldn't love our baby any less...and we've already opted to not do an amniocentesis, so mainly, it looks like we trust God's plan and wait and see what happens when she's born! It's scary for me, but I know God is teaching me that I still haven't given up my worries in life to him enough. My mother in law reminded me that God's plan is what will be perfect for me and this baby, and that he loves this baby more than I do! So, I'm trying to rest on that and know that this little girl is going to be precious no matter what! I'll post anymore info I may receive if any is given to me!
We of course would love your prayers! :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's a GIRL!

So this morning we had our ultrasound! The baby was moving like crazy...which I already knew because she has been moving around all the time for about 3 weeks now. The ultrasound tech had to take a break from taking pictures because the baby wouldn't hold still! I now know that this baby is going to be like ability to sit still or relax. OH GREAT....poor Jason! At one point, I thought she "slipped" and told me the baby was a boy before Jason got in the room because she said "he's being stubborn" when the baby was wiggling around....but I think that was just a general statement instead of saying "it." So after she took all the shots and measurements she needed, she called Jason in....and as she was looking between the baby's legs to determine the sex, I didn't see any boy parts. I thought....OH MY WORD...because I've been sure I'd have a boy first since before I even was pregnant. The Aukerman family and extended family have all had boys first.....and Jason broke that mold. :-) He really wanted a little girl, so he's so excited. I was fine with whatever God wanted to give, but the thought of a little girl is really exciting to me! I've always wanted a daughter and thought I'd never get the chance. Our technician has 23 years experience, so I'm trusting her....but wow, it will be crazy if i have a bunch of girly things and find out at the 4D ultrasound in a few months that we have the opposite! ahahahha

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love Family....

We've had a great past few days with our family (well, Jason's family that became mine thankfully!) Adam and Alissa came to visit over the weekend and we had so much fun. We were able to just sit around and relax and watch tv/movies, and we also had a day of adventure at Big Lots, Jewel, and Honeybaked Ham. ahahah Adam is crazy....if you don't know his funny side, I have no idea where you've been. I was crying on Friday night because of dumb things he'd say, and he just lightens any moment. Alissa is an awesome cook and made some super good chicken chilli. Well, after they left, the following day, (Monday) my father in law and other bro in law, Brendan, came to spend the night before Brendan's campus visit at ONU. We went out for a delicious dinner and had a movie/ice cream night. Today I guess their visit went very well, and we were able to say good-bye before they hit the road. I think our dogs are expecting another couple of Aukermans to come visit because that's been the routine here for the past 5 days! ahahah. Anyways, I'm just thankful God blessed us with a wonderful family!