Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 7 month birthday, Brynne!

So today she's 7 months old! I've also forgotten to tell everyone...we think her goopy, tear duct problem eye is done and healed?!?!?! It hasn't been bad since the day after she got her 6 month pictures. I hope it's over with!!!!!!!!!! (Of course it had to way til the day AFTER her pictures) ahahahah. One more thing....last night, Jason discovered that Brynne's right ear is bigger than her left. Somehow, we've overlooked that for seven months. I think it's super cute. I just told Jason...we can never point it out to her because she'll be so paranoid about it when her hair is pulled up ahahahah.

Now...back to my little tired grunter. (She grunts and makes elephant sounds when she's tired ahahah)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Does anyone else love prunes as much as this kid?! She was so excited to eat them, I had trouble getting them into her mouth! She looks like a little monster with her messy face. She went right into the tub after these pictures....ahahahaha. Usually we don't have such a mess because she eats in her high chair. Our kitchen was a disaster, so I decided to feed her in the bouncy seat. I learned my lesson. She had too much freedom! :-) (Notice how big she's gotten. She's hanging off her seat. It's probably time to pack it up...but I love it,and so does she!)

I'd also like to announce....Brynne will be 7 months old tomorrow! OH MY GOODNESS....more than half way to ONE. Where does the time go!? I'm loving EVERY DAY with this girl! She's fun stuff. Here's a few pictures of her before church this morning.

Now...back to laundry and school work. I keep getting distracted doing things that are much more fun!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our little doll...

Here are some pictures of our little doll from the past week! She is changing so much every day. I think she's so smart and funny of course. She is SO much fun!

Brynne trying to type on "facebook" as you can see my profile page is up on the computer screen!

Here's Brynne at our friends Rob and Kraz's place....she was on the floor and so far only manages to move backwards....she moved herself right into their movies and tv cords. ahahah

St. Patrick's Day...I think I take pictures of her almost every morning before taking her to the babysitter.

Sitting up so well!

Happy girl in her comfy feece outfit

Brynne managed to crawl backwards again...this time landing under her crib. AHahahah She was a little puzzled at the time. ahahah

Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 month check up results and more! AHAHA, I hate coming up with titles (can you tell!?)

As you can see from the pictures above, we made a visit to the Dr.'s office last week and had Brynne's 6 month check up (a few weeks late).(Mom, the picture where she's eating her toes I took just for you!) Brynne's doctor said she's doing well....and was very proud of how well she sits up. She was measuring in the 75th percentile for her length which is surprising since neither Jason nor I are very tall. She recognizes strangers now and cried at one of the nurses, but not at her doctor. I think she associates the nurses with shots. She did well for her shots and only cried for about a minute. The Hello Kitty band-aids made it all better. :-)

She can sit up without falling down now, and it's funny to turn your head for just a minute and look back to find her on her tummy many feet from where you sat her. Oh no...the mobile days are coming....and our pack and play is going to get more use!

The following pictures are actually from last weekend. I put her on the blanket to play and went to get some things taken care of in her room. Jason was in the room playing Guitar Hero...and when he turned around, he saw her on the floor under the table and asked if I had put her there. AHAHHA.

Brynne's favorites sounds are "da" and "sss". She loves to laugh and giggle, and she's just SOOO fun. She has turned many depressing or stressful days into happy days for her mommy and daddy! Who can resist such a precious smile?! Jason has been so helpful with her. He loves to cuddle with her and get her back to sleep when she's having rough nights. It's a beautiful sight to see your husband and your little girl....both loving each other...Awe. Ahahaha.

I'm forgetting a few updates...I just can't think of what they are at the moment. We are happy it's getting warm outside. We can't wait to take walks and enjoy the outdoors with Brynne! Alright, well as she naps, I need to get some laundry done!
I wanted to include one last picture....Brynne in her sweatsuit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Aukerman, all ready to go face the cold!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brynne's 6 month Pictures are Posted!

If you want to see LOTS of Brynne pictures, as well as a few of our family....go to this website:
Click on "You" at the bottom of the webpage
Click on "Brynne" at the left side of the list
Type in password "Aukerman"
Then click on "Easter"

There are 232 with her edits (obviously some pictures are repeated with different effects), so it will take awhile to scroll through, but the slide show goes pretty fast. Brynne had so much fun with the little chicks...and even tried to squeeze their heads and eat them! UGH. Jason was grossed out. ahahh I have about 15 favorites that I need to choose between. (I love some of the fist pictures and about the last 10 pictures which are some outdoor family shots. There are TONS of the farm background in the you can scroll quickly through those!) DECISIONS! Her eye was acting up, so that helps me lower it down some....luckily! I can't get them all! I love our photographer! She does a great job!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our baby girl finally discovered that sleep is good!

We've had a very eventful last few days and our biggest news is that Brynne is finally sleeping better!

On Thursday, she slept 11 straight hours in her crib! After our traveling during Christmas break she slept back in our room in the bassinet because it was easier to care for her in the middle of the night. She was waking up a few times in the night from being thrown off over the holidays! Well, I decided on our long weekend last weekend that we'd move her back to the crib. She has done so much better sleeping there! Why didn't I do this sooner? (Because I have attachment issues and miss my baby so much when she's not next to me!!!) On a funny note, she has been sleeping horizontally in her crib instead of vertically...ahahahha. Weird, but as long as she's comfy, that's fine! I say she gets these sleeping habits from her daddy who tends to move all over the place in the night!

Yesterday I took Brynne to Chuck E. Cheese's for my friend Kristin's birthday celebration! Aahaha We had a great time reminiscing about how great the 80's were when we went to Showbiz Pizza (as it was called back then) and thought it was the coolest place ever. Well, the pizza wasn't that great, but the arcade games were addicting! I enjoyed using tokens to play the silly games! Brynne was just dragged to each game in her car seat and was over stimulated by the lights and noises! (I'm sure I looked like a crazy mom....and I'm young looking, so I'm sure people thought I was 14, had a baby way too early in life, and was being way immature playing video games instead of getting my baby to bed!) Ahahahah In addition, you will see a picture with a cute little girl, Brynne, and my friend Sara. The little girl was a stray...walking around the place alone who decided she loved Brynne and wanted to hold her and touch her. Brynne didn't like her (as you can tell by her face in the picture). Brynne fell asleep in the car on the way home....and slept in her clothes and car seat til 6am. I heard her make a noise at 6 and thought I'd go feed her if she was starving, but as soon as I took her out of her seat, she was back to sleep, so I laid her down in her crib and she slept til 9:15am! 12 hours! YAY! (Pictures of Chuck E. Cheese below)
With Kristin, the bday girl...

With Sara and the random little girl...

Brynne loved playing with the cup...

Brynne with Mommy...

Today Jason's family came for a visit. It was so good to just relax and talk (while watching Planet Earth in the background-which is awesome if you haven't seen it). We also ate at a great restaurant in town. My camera got lost during the day and I ended up finding it in the couch....but when I went to grab it, it fell inside the couch. We had to lift the couch, undo staples, and rescue it! Phew. I can't live without a camera! Because the camera was lost, I missed out on a lot of great picture opportunities today. Here's what I did get...
Brynne taking her nap with Grandpa!

Thanks Dad A and Bud for rescuing the camera!

Watching Aunt Anna and Shayna laugh!

Brynne playing with Uncle Colin!

Alright, well, we've already changed our clocks ahead so that we don't forget before bed. Today, Jason's little brother Brendan gave us back our Guitar as I type Jason is playing it while Brynne watches for the first time. She's kicking her legs and squealing. We think she loves it.

I think that's all that is new around here! Night!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My little Cutie Pie...

A few pictures I can't resist sharing...
The first one is of Brynne wearing her daddy's sweatshirt from when he was a baby. The second...Daddy playing Hide N Seek with Brynne, and the third picture is of Brynne and mommy playing on the couch!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!!!!

Well, having Casimir Pulaski day off every year makes one good reason to live in the state of Illinois! ahahah

Today I'm home with my Brynne girl....trying to make up for the unproductive weekend we had! (Don't get me wrong. We had a great weekend with friends...playing, eating, etc....however, I didn't get much done at home!) I'm going to try to get some laundry done, go to the bank, write a letter, get some cards together, grade school work, finish our taxes, take care of the child, clean the house, etc.....the list just never stops growing! Plus, tonight is the season finale of the Bachelor! Ha!

The pictures above are from Brynne's mini St. Patrick's Day photo shoot. My co worker and friend Carrie took some pictures of her with some props she had from when her little boy was a baby. It was fun! :-) Happy March~!