Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yup, it's true...

Well, if you're a Facebook junkie like most of us are nowadays, you may have seen my last little post....and incase you didn't......

(due in August)

We've known now for oh....14 weeks (since mid December) , and the few people that know have done great keeping our little secret a secret. I had an appointment today and we were able to hear the heartbeat, and I felt like now that I'm starting the 2nd trimester and I'm starting to show, it's time to share! :-) It was killing Jason to wait...(acutally, I think he told more people than I really know ahaha, but he's excited. )

Of course I could use your prayers. I'm a BIG worrier, and I know this is all in God's hands....not mine to control. I'm doing my best to get rest, be healthy, eat well, etc.....and that's all I can do! So, thanks for any prayers you all can offer.....This is obviously my first time through all this and I'm so clueless! :-)

Well.....more news will come as we go....:-) Our next appointment is the big ultrasound on March 24th. Of course we'll find out what we're having...(I'd LOVE to have the patience to wait.....and I think I could do it, but Jason MUST know and would somehow spill the news to me if he found out!) It will be fun to prepare knowing though!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thank the Lord for Saturdays!

Today I did pretty much nothing. I woke up later than I ever do on a Saturday (i'm usually up by 7:30am ahahah) and then I sat around and watched some episodes of 20/20 that I taped. Then, after finally showering around 2pm, Jason and I watched some more episodes of Heroes. I LOVE THAT SHOW! He got me addicted when he started renting the seasons from Family Video. Yeah! I did do some laundry and clean a little, but it's been nice to have a Saturday where I didn't have anywhere I had to be! That doesn't happen very often. Tonight I'm going out to a girly movie with some friends....so that will top of my good day and make it great. :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm sorry. Gosh, I stink at this. I used to be so gung ho (or however it's spelled) about posting. Look what a teaching career does to ya!

So mainly, I thought I'd give an update:
It's snowy, cold, and dreary outside.
My dogs have been precious lately and have loved any attention they could get from us.
My nephew turned 7 last weekend.
I am looking forward to warm weather.
My students are shutting down and it's only February.
I'm ready for summer break.
I need to get my 2007 tax junk done.
My favorite Willow Tree figurine broke the other day but is now glued back together.
My friend Michelle gave birth to her newest bundle of joy this morning (Hope).
I'm going to visit my parents in Michigan next weekend for a friend's wedding.
I think our brother Adam is coming to visit this weekend.
We have to buy a new water heater.
I miss my best friend Ryanne who moved away.
I'm not excited about possibly having a woman president.
I am glad American Idol auditions are over and the Hollywood part starts next week.
I'm thankful that God doesn't make me do things alone.
I'm glad my mom is feeling better after being sick all last week.
I need to go let my dogs inside becuase they are out in the slushy snow!

Am I putting you to sleep yet? Boring, I know. ahahahahah

It might be better if i just stick to not posting....ahahahaha.