Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brynne's getting naughty!!!! (This is from last week but my camera wouldn't upload! I tried again tonight and it worked!)

Brynne wanted to show off her fun "Grandma" shirt and favorite little toy monkey that Grandpa Crawford gave her for Christmas. She loves to play with Mr. Monkey!

Now getting to the title of this post...
Also, as I was grading papers tonight and watching American Idol, I had Brynne playing on the floor next to me. I didn't realize she had gotten ahold of one of the pages I'd already graded! Oops, sorry Jazmyne! :-) I've also included a picture of that. Luckily this math assignment was just a practice page and nothing too important!


The Damage

Monday, February 23, 2009

6 months old!

k/m gggggI"c hkl0 0

The above message is from Brynne! She's sitting here with me now as I type, and since she's 6 months old as of today, I figured I'd let her type! You can never start teaching them things too young, right?!

Wow, where does the time go!? I can't believe how much she's going to change the next 6 months....

Happy Half Birthday Brynne!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm stumped for a title...

Here's a picture of Daddy and Brynne sleeping on the couch. She likes playing with faces! (As you can tell if you see my newest 3 scratches ugh!)

Nothing new to really tell I'll just type as I think and I'll babble on.

Brynne was laughing so hard at me the other day. It was cute. We get an occasional giggle from her, but on this particular day, she found me rather amusing. All I had to say was, "Do you want to get your jammies on?" and she burst out into laughs. I tried to tape her but of course then she froze and watched the red light. I decided i'd at least set the camera down and get the sound you can see a little of her in the video, but you can hear her well and that's what matters!

Today I'm feeling lazy and need to take advantage of the weekend! I have laundry piled high, and I don't know how that happens because I did many loads not too many days ago! UGH! I used to wear some of my clothes more than once before washing them if they didn't get dirty, but now with a baby around, everything gets dirty within minutes of me putting it on! Brynne is great at spitting up and drooling!

Brynne also loves to take off her socks...maybe i've already mentioned that, but it's become annoying to me, so it's on my mind again! ahahah I think it's cute that she likes to pull them off or kick them off, but putting them back on her feet over and over again, and searching the house for a missing sock is no fun!

I know there is something I should be updating you on, but as of now, it's not coming to me! I'll close with a few pictures from a playdate I had on my President's Day off with some college friends and their babies!

Brynne with her friend Ava at our playdate. Ava wasn't thrilled to take another picture, and Brynne looks a little nervous...ahaha...

The gang...Ruby, Mike Jr., Collin, Ava, and Brynne

One more shot of the gang!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Proof that my husband is a great father...and some other side notes.

Currently, as I type, I hear Brynne yelling and cooing and having a grand time in the living room. What is even funnier is that Jason is watching a movie, and if you know my husband, he likes to watch movies in complete distractions. He's only asked one time, "Honey, When is Brynne going to be ready to take a nap?" I think he's a little annoyed because he can't get the full experience of his movie, but he's tolerating it because she's just too darn cute. She is going to be good for him...:-)...and his tolerance proves he's a great daddy! Brynne also "sang" along at Daddy's church today...(an Orthodox church where she was easily heard since there is not any pianos or other instruments!) Everyone came up to me after the service to compliment me on our little girl's great singing! Ahahahah.
Well...I'm off to do some laundry and school work, very thankful that tomorrow is President's Day and I have a day off of work! YAY!

OH and i better add a few side notes...
-Brynne loves pears.
-She's doing very well in her attempts to sit up.
-Brynne still loves to give kisses and grab my face (she's scratched me so many times this weekend because I can't seem to get her nails to be smooth!)
-She loves her seahorse toy from her Grandma Aukerman...see picture below.

-She had a trip to the Doctor this week only to find out it was just a "bad cold." Phew...glad it was nothing else.
-Also...I need to add that Brynne made Jason and I the most darling card at her babysitter's house! (Obviously, Kelly, our babysitter made the card...and we are so thankful!) I tried to include a few pictures....
-Valentines Day is kinda overrated....but, after hearing my begging, my wonderful husband bought me a heart shaped pizza. (It's way over priced....and much smaller than the "Large" size they say it is.) Anyways, it was super cute and tasted good too. We tried to get a picture....this is what we got!

Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mommy just can't keep up!

I just don't know how people do it! Being a mom brings on another role in my life that I absolutely LOVE, but it is so hard to be your best in all areas! I realized this week how many roles I have to fill....and being a perfectionist makes that very difficult. I can't be perfect in all my roles! I'm a daughter, daughter in law, wife, mom, friend, cousin, aunt, sister, sister in law, Christian, teacher, housekeeper....and I'm sure there's something I've forgotten. Anyways, I reminded myself this week...God doesn't want me to be all of these on my own! He'll help me! Thank you Lord! guess I could add Blogger and Facebooker to my roles) update since I last wrote about 3 weeks ago!
Our baby is almost 6 months old. SERIOUSLY, how did that happen? A half of a year? Brynne has been so precious as usual. There's not a day both Jason and I don't say how blessed we are to have her. She makes us smile all the time, and after an argument or bad day, that is needed! :-) She is growing so much and changing everyday. Her latest...screaming while she's playing. She's starting to get loud. I took her for a walk yesterday in the random heat wave, and I figured someone was going to look at me as I walked by and wonder what was wrong with my kid! She was screaming happy screams though! :-) She also absolutely LOVES carrots. She's tried green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. I love that she's becoming a real human being that eats food, and I've enjoyed making her baby food and freezing it in ice cube trays! ( need the magic's pretty fun.) back to yesterday's first try at carrots. Brynne was opening her mouth like a bird as I shoveled the food in. I couldn't get the spoon refilled fast enough for her! When she was done, she whined for I thawed more from the freezer and thought...maybe i'll add rice cereal to it to make her feel more full. BAD IDEA. She immediately knew the taste was different and she didn't want it! Her temper came out (the temper she got from her daddy ahahh) and finally, she won and I gave her plain carrots. Jason reminded me that if i give in all the time, she'll always think she should get her way. Wow...this parenting thing is only going to get harder! :-)
What we've been doing lately: cleaning, watching Big Bang Theory, the Office, and American Idol, playing with Brynne, more cleaning (however you wouldn't be able to tell coming into our home ahahah), laughing at our dogs (see the picture included), enjoying a visit from mom/grandma Crawford for nephew Caleb's 8th bday, watching plenty of movies including my pick...Fireproof which was very motivating to me, enjoying the Super Bowl (well...our Colts weren't there so I guess I shouldn't say "enjoyed") with our friends (might I also add I'm going to miss Tony Dungy :-( ) may be about it. It's the winter. We're basically bums ahaha that stick around the house to stay warm. So, we eat, sleep, clean, and watch tv....for a season though, it is enjoyable. I'm ready for Spring though! (minus the mud that it brings when we let the dogs out).
Alright, well....let me close with some pictures from the past few weeks.....(well the first one is from when Brynne is one month old)

This is Brynne with her bear at one month (I wanted to get shots next to the bear each month so we could see how's she grown compared to the bear...which I've not been faithful about...i've missed some months). Anyways, this is her frail little skinny body at one month old (at the time I didn't think she looked like an alien).

This is Brynne yesterday with Mr. Bear (5.5 months old...all round and chubby).

Brynne playing in her pack n' play. Thankfully, she plays well independently (so far).

Daddy and Brynne like to read together.

Playing with Baby Noah. He's 3.5 months younger, and SO TINY!

Super Bowl with Daddy and Noah's Daddy...

Tummy Time with Cousins (she decided that day that boy's are wild and crazy!)

Grandma came to visit!

Brynne in her cute green and brown outfit. (I love the color combo...and green is still my favorite color).

Kissing mommy (which she does ALL the time, so even though I look a terrible mess, I had to include this!)

The dogs...cuddling. I'm glad they have each other because nowadays, they're pretty neglected.