Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a week.

Oh brother, this week! ahahahah That's all I have to say to that. It was a crazy one. First, here are some pictures:
Asher, my nephew.

Brynne (She's kinda crawling...not really? ahahha)

Brynne and uncle Dennis

Brynne with a bow in her hair. She doesn't have much hair but I tried to see if something would stay (it stayed for about 1 minute) ahahahah, and it looks silly, but she's still cute.

Brynne and daddy cuddling...

The dogs cuddling...

Brynne playing her piano

Here's a look at our week:
Sunday night: The stomach bug that my mom had hit Brynne....ugh.
Monday: I wasn't feeling to great at work, but once I was home, my body gave up, and the bug also got the best of me. I even had to take part of the following day off from work. I try to avoid missing any work in general, but especially this year since I"m already docked pay for taking some extra maternity leave days! Ugh, life goes on....
Tuesday: Jason got the bug.
Wednesday: Our babysitter and her baby got the bug. (Jason stayed home with Brynne and disenfected the house like CRAZY!)
By Thursday, we were all feeling better, and thankfully, Jason's sisters Alissa and Kara came to watch Brynne so that our babysitter and her family could recuperate! It was so nice to have the girls here. Brynne was reunited with her aunts, and we had a great time catching up with Alissa since she's been studying abroad for the past four months! (Somehow I managed to not get any pictures of them with Brynne!) Yesterday (Friday) my mom and her friend came into town for Ladies Day at ONU, but of course they came a little early to see us! We had a good time eating pizza with them.
Other highlights of this week: Brynne now says her "Mmmm" sounds...and i've heard a few "mamas" come out of her mouth (does she know that's me? not sure...but I will tell myself she does). Also, Brynne had her first swinging outside on the swingset experience, and loved it. (My camera was inside at the time, so my mom got a cute picture, but I didn't!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brynne and Mommy's Quick Trip to Michigan

Mom tried to work on the fact that she's such a scheduled person, and she decided to take me (Brynne) on a quick, spontaneous trip to Michigan. It was fun to see my family and meet mommy's friends.
Here's me being silly for the camera!

On Saturday we got to go to a Tea Party at Grandma's Church. Everyone loved my dress and headband....and for the most part I was a good girl. I saw soooo many people, and I especially loved mommy's friend Ahminda. I usually only kiss family members...not strangers, but I kissed her lots! Here is a picture of me being very sleepy with mommy!

I liked reading my book to my mommy and Grandma...

I got to meet mommy's friend Brooke and mommy's friend Michelle (not pictured).

I got to play with toys with my Uncle Matt...

I love my Uncle Matt!

And, somehow Grandpa and Grandma lucked out because mommy didn't manage to get a picture taken with them! Grandma didn't feel well, so she tried to keep her distance as much as possible. Grandpa played with me lots and I even slept next to him! I loved the noises he makes and how silly he can be! He worked hard on fixing a toy mommy' bought me, and now it works! Thanks Grandpa!

Now we're home and this is the last day we have to get work done and play before returning to work and the babysitter tomorrow! BUT...we're much closer to summer break!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our little Beauty...

Happy Easter from Brynne!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm in love with my daughter!

I'll begin with some more recent photos of Brynne!

This first one I've fallen in love with. It's our new picture from Brynne's 6 month shots with our photographer. I just hung it on the wall this week and can't get enough of it!

Here's Brynne with her cousins....they decided to copy her and eat their feet too!

Here she is being cute on her chair...

And here she is enjoying Daddy's reading chair in his office. It makes her look so little!

Brynne in her green star shirt looking so precious!

Enjoying the laundry basket! She loved playing in there!

Her new BIG flower headband...I was trying to find something she could wear for Easter and was inspired by our friend's cute baby Charlotte when she wears big flower headbands!

Her new white flower headband...

Her pink flower headband...

Mommy being silly and making Brynne try on bunny ears with her flower headband! She didn't seem to mind!

AND...that's enough pictures! that's it is spring break, I finally had some time to post a few more recent pictures. I never remember what updates I've already given when I space my posts this far apart! Brynne's two bottom teeth are super cute...and she notices them being in her mouth now because I'll catch her putting her tongue on them to feel them. She's also been very talkative, and she says "da da da" when Jason is around. We think she might know those sounds need to come out of her mouth when he's around because he's daddy? Who knows. She loves to make spitty loud noises still and will play the game where we go back and forth making the noises. She likes to imitate. She's still not crawling all over...but is up on all fours and rocks back and forth. She scoots everywhere though and has gotten into a few things that she shouldn't play with like the dog's bone, dirty movie rental cases, the remote control, and mommy's school papers. She also knocked a bowl of her rice cereal off the kitchen counter before I added liquid to it so the dogs enjoyed licking up the powder off the floor! I've gotta be careful with her now because she doesn't just sit in my arms! She's definitely discovered what her hands and arms can do! Brynne also loves to laugh when daddy burps (he purposely burped for about 15 minutes the other night because she found it hilarious) and she loves playing patty cake!

I'm so excited to have a week off to spend with her!