Sunday, July 29, 2007

Great Times, Good Friends!

We had such an awesome weekend! We started by driving half way to Indy...and spent some time with Jason's family. They were generous enough to let our dogs stay while we headed onto Kentucky. Friday, I was able to meet up for lunch with my teacher friend Debbie. For old time sake, we had Tastebuds pizza. I got to see pictures and hear about her missions trip to Africa, something that I'm considering someday if God leads. We got to share about life and eat ice cream. While I was with Debbie and her family, Jason got to have lunch with some guys that he used to work with. He had a wonderful time.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for Major and Missy's wedding. Saturday, we slept in, went to Walmart to stock up on Ale-8....a very good Kentucky ginger ale, ran some errands in Lexington, and happened to fall upon a new strip mall that had MAGGIE MOOS! I was so excited, and Jason of course let me get my favorite better batter ice cream!:-) The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. We had such a wonderful time and we're grateful to have had that time to spend with such awesome friends! We drove back to Indy late Saturday night aka Sunday morning, slept for 5 hours, got up and had breakfast with Jason's family, and then hit the road to head home. Besides the fact that I got car sick and came down with something I'm feeling might be bronchitis.....the trip home was good.

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Of course they got one once I moved away!

I was able to take a nap when we got you can see in the picture. Byson missed me, and I missed him, so I let him sleep on the bed with me.

The lovely couple....they had their own table set for 2 at the reception! I LOVED that idea! (they are looking at the slideshow)

Their cute cake! They also had bags of M & M's (get it? Major and Missy) for a favor.
Thir rehearsal dinner cake (Major and Jason share a love for literature).

Jason and the best man, Chet. He's such a cool guy!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Morning at the Aukerman household...

So today I got up bright and early as usual. Jason and Reggie were up and around, and I noticed that I didn't hear Byson whining to be let loose yet (he sleeps on a leash that is attached to our bed and wakes up when the rest of us are up). I went in to check on him, and then realized I heard what in dog world would be sleep talking....and...this is what I saw....I guess Byson's new thing is to sleep half under the bed. ahahahaha Tonight we're off to Indy to split our trip up and drop off our boys.....then back to our old homewtown of Wilmore, Kentucky so that Jason can be a groomsman in our friend's wedding. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fewer and Fewer Days of Freedom are in the Forecast!

OK, so today I realized that tomorrow is really my last day of not really having to do work. This is what I mean.....
We are headed to Kentucky this weekend. Jason is in a friend's when we return, the next day I start my week long, all day grad class. When that is over, I can start working in my classroom at school.....which takes many hours.........YIKES. I also really wanted to have a garage sale, but I've ran out of days, so I'm thinking I may still have to have a last minute one day sale. We'll see. I still have so much I need to accomplish before I head back to work..........YIKES!
Alright, well, anyways, nothing else is new here. Jason is still working, and the boys are still play fighting all the time. Byson is getting huge though!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation with my In-Laws.....Slade, Kentucky

We had such a great time! It was sad that Jason couldn't be there, and neither could Grandma Donaldson and Jason's sister Krista, but the rest of the gang and I had a very relaxing week!

We went to Kentucky, about an hour away from where Jason and I lived for 2.5 years. It was weird to be back....but it definately reminded me of how beautiful that state really is!!!!!!! (especially compared to my new home of FLAT Illinois).

Our week looked like this:

Sunday-we arrived at our AWESOME cabin and hung out

Monday-hiked to Natural Bridge and then went grocery shopping, overtaking Kroger ahahah. The first picture shows Natural Bridge in the background before we arrived. The second is Lissy and I on Natural Bridge.

Tuesday-We drove to Walmart about 50 minutes away ahahahahah. We also watched my new favorite movie, "Bridge to Terabithia"
Wednesday-A trip to a beach in Morehead....we got burnt! We also played board games, grilled burgers, and watched "Simon Burch..."
Thursday-We hiked again....around Red River was beautiful!

Here, Colin is singing "I've Been Watching You," a country song about a boy and his daddy....He has the whole thing memorized...TOO CUTE.

Friday-We had a campfire and went fishing. Here, Kara is waiting to catch a fish. It wasn't a good biting day....Anna was the first to catch a fish after 3 hours of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday-Hoseback Riding....WOW, we have stories. Let's just say, riding next to cliffs on an animal bigger than me is not something I'll ever do again, however it was a pretty ride! OH, and I learned that my mother in law is so tough and brave!

Sunday-drove home and stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday....yummy salad bar!

Some other highlights:
Lissy ran with me so I wouldn't get behind on my marathon training! WOW, I'm not used to running hills! (We were almost Deer Breakfast too as one morning...a deer ran after us! ahahaha). I was able to finish 4 books (a record for me!) and complete the Karen Kingsbury series I was reading. YEAH!
Another cute shot:
The Aukerman men minus my husband....

I'm glad to be back home with my three boys! I sure did miss them! Jason had Reggie groomed while I was gone and had both boys in scarfs....awe...
That's all for now......ahahahh

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm outta here...

I'm sad to say you won't see a new post for about a week. (unless my husband decides to write!!!) I will be going on vacation with Jason's family (he has to work) until next Sunday! We'll be about an hour from where Jason and I used to live in Kentucky. I'm excited for a week of relaxation, but I'm going to miss my three boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good News...

Byson said, "I love you" to me today. AHahahaha, well, no, he didn't, he's a dog, but he licked me like crazy so I think that was what he was trying to say. ahahahah

Today my second grade team met for breakfast. Afterwards, we went over to the local teacher store and picked out some things for our classroom with the money we're given. It made me somewhat excited for school! I'm thankful however for this time off, and I DO NOT want to rush it!:-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where's Waldo...I mean, Reggie?!

Ok, so I've tripped on Reggie numerous times lately because he blends in so well with the new rug in the back room..... Can you find Reggie? ahahahahahha If it weren't for his blue collar, he really would be hidden!!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Parent Pick Up Day and Cute Nephews in Corn Dog Shirts....Fun times!

Today we picked my parents up from the airport....this is them coming down the escalator to the baggage claim where we were waiting. (sorry it's a little blurry). They had a great time on their Alaskan dad enjoyed his first time flying, however, their luggage has to be shipped to them because it didn't arrive at the airport.:-) Oh well.... YEAH for parents and cruises!!!!

I've also included a cute shot of my nephew....he's giving a cheesy smile. I took this picture because I loved his shirt today. It made me laugh....

Monday, July 9, 2007

1 cent sale and more...

What a crazy Monday! Today Staples had their 1 cent I got some folders, pencil sharpners, and pencils for my classroom. I went back a second time this evening to get more. Ahahahah What a deal!

My brother and I were supposed to pick up my parents tonight at the airport. They've returned from their Alaskan Cruise, however, this evening their flight was cancelled, so they are overnight in a hotel. I'm praying things will go smootly tomorrow and that their rescheduled flight comes to Chicago as planned!

Here's the latest picture of my "junk" room rennovation. It's still in progress as I need to still hang pictures on the walls. I took a shot from the same angle as I did for the white wall/blue wall shot.
Some good news for those of you who care....Our front door knob and washing machine are finally fixed (for those of you who have heard my stories of things breaking). Only a few things left to fix! Praise the Lord!

Well, time for some rest....


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yes, we still are alive!

I'm sorry it has been a week since the last post! It was a very crazy and difficult week for us Aukermans, but we have made it through thanks to God! Let's just say that when something goes wrong, everything starts going wrong!!!! We had quite a few things break around the house.....but God provides, and we are in the process of fixing everything.:-) Fun, I know. ahahaha
Let's see....some other key things that took place this past week:

We are in the process of fixing up our "junk" room. Here are some pictures....

We tore up the carpet...(I have a sore hand and blisters from using pliers to pull staples out of the hardwood floor!)

Jason fixed the ceiling....(He looked awesome covered in white dust!!!!) NO, this picture isn't blurry....thats the dust blowing around the room!!!! (it was so fun to clean up....ahaha)

Painted the room blue....

And now we're trying to put everything back into the room, hang pictures, curtains, etc...(a finished picture to come soon)....
Hopefully if we ever have a baby while living at this would be nice to have a boy, that way we won't have to repaint! Jason says even if it's a girl, she's having a blue room. ahahahah. Anyways,this has been a project I've wanted to complete since the day we moved into this house so I feel relieved! (WE'VE NOW OFFICIALLY LIVED HERE ONE YEAR!)

Alright, well have a great Sunday! I better get back to work!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Last night Jason and I saw fireworks with my brother and two nephews. They had a new spot this year to set off the fireworks, and I think some people didn't read the newspaper and faced the area they used to use. That left the perfect spot open for us! The fireworks were great. It was a lot of fun:-)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Byson seems to be doing 100% better!!! Praise the Lord. After some extra love from his daddy....(who even let him up on his leather that's love) and some more he woke up clear! He had bad spells all day yesterday, but it looks like whatever it was that caused his's out of his system now.

I also forgot to brag on my husband yesterday! While I was out running a crazy long run....I look over to my right and see Jason drive by. He waved...and I was like...What is he doing!? He stopped and handed me my favorite kind of gatorade. It was extra cute!!! Thanks again Jase!

Yesterday I drove my parents to Ohare Airport... they are off on an Alaskan cruise. I can't wait to hear about how much fun I know they'll have! Jason worked hard doing some landscaping yesterday with my brother.

OK, well I better go help finish what Jason decided to call our "Lupper" (lunch and supper ahahaha). He's grilling chicken, and I'm doing some sides. One more thing....I've added a picture of my three boys earlier today (Jason and his friend helped move our big desk out of the computer that room is a crazy computer cord and junk mess! It's my project of the week....hopefully to tear up the dirty carpet and paint the walls. Well anways, that is why the computer is on the floor.) back to explaining the picture. The dogs both chose a side of Jason and laid down while he was typing. Then, they all got sleepy. They were all so cute, I had to get a picture!

God Bless!!! Have a great day!