Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Man, I stink at this....

Sorry Everyone. Once again, I've slacked off....
This post will be a bunch of pictures with some explaining....that's about it. I do want to mention though that I'm SICK that tomorrow is July 1. The summer can't go fast. It just can't. UGH. (It has been so awesome to be home with my daughter and I don't want it to end....I love being her mom!)
OK, because there are so many pictures...let me give a general update that will give you info about them. (This is going to be random, unorganized mess of info that probably won't make sense, and I apologize!) We went to Indy to see Jason's family a few weekends ago. They have a new puppy, Cocoa, who you will see in the pictures. Brynne was afraid of him at first (yet she's not afraid of Byson???ahahah) but learned to love him...and he loved her too. She also loved playing with her aunts and uncles(and the Chamberlains who are like family)...and grandpa as you can see in the pictures. (She loves her grandma too...but somehow I didn't get that on film!) We also traveled to Kentucky last weekend for Jason's five year college reunion. Brynne had her first taste of Chick-fil-a waffle fries and Maggie Moo's ice cream (YUM). She also enjoyed meeting all of daddy's (and mommy's) friends (you'll see Major and Missy in the pictures)....and loved the big king size bed in the hotel. She was a trooper during the long car ride too.
We are so blessed to have a WONDERFUL baby girl! (The latest developments on her part: She got her top left tooth about a week ago, and the other top middle tooth is on it's way. She LOVES to clap. She LOVES to stand without holding on to anything and can do it for about 20 seconds (give or take a few seconds). She's getting more and more brave and is starting to take some steps with our help. She didn't want much to do with that before (besides walking along the couch and her toys on her own). She is so fun and funny.(She enjoys playing in the dog cage, she laughs at nothing and rolls around the living room floor (sometimes I think she has ADHD) and you'll also see a picture of her with a toy stuck in her diaper. She played with it in there for HOURS before I noticed it). She also enjoys eating ANYTHING we're eating and is very verbal if we're not quick to share with her. ahaha.
We love our Brynne!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Summer!

Oh brother, I'm so bad at blogging. ahahah

Sidenote: I just looked at the ticker for Brynne at the top of my blog and about passed out. She's seriously almost one years old?! Gosh!

We've had a great summer break so far, but I don't feel like it's been much of a break so far! We've kept so busy! Since the last post:
1. I enjoyed my tradition of a weekend away with some of my best girl friends. We met in Ann Arbor, MI this year and had a blast! Brooke brought her new camera and captured the fun....I'll have to post some of her pictures soon!
2. While I was with the girls, Brynne had her first 2 nights away from mom and dad as she hung out with my parents. It was hard to leave her, but I know they took great care of her!
3. We got new carpet!!!! YAY.
4. We had to get a new hot water heater. Boo. (we've needed to replace ours for about a year and we finally did it before having a major incident) But....I'm thankful for hot water on cold mornings!
5. I've had some teacher meetings....fun. ahahah
6. We've tried to clean, clean, and clean again, yet our house still needs help! I'm still hoping to sort and organized and get rid of the unwanted junk in our basement! It's just so hard to work around nap times! The window of time is too short!
7. I finally planted flowers in the pots out front (and I stink at it. They look better than they did, but still...Ahhh, not my cup of tea.)
8. I participated in Relay for Life for the first time and was touched by how many people have dealt with cancer! The event was so awesome....
9. Brynne had her 9 month check up and her 9 month pictures...(to see them, visit kimberlyjewellonline.com and find Brynne under the online veiwing (the password is our last name)
10. And best of all.....I've had some time to spend with Brynne, Jason, and Byson! I DO NOT miss the stress of the school year and PRAY this summer goes by slowly!