Sunday, May 24, 2009

One day shy of a month...

It's one day shy of a month that I've posted....that's how insane life has been. This blog has obviously been last on my priority list. I decided that since I have an extra day this weekend due to Memorial day, I'd update people QUICKLY on what's gone on here the past month.

We've had a rough one....and UGH, it can only get better from here, I hope. As you all know, our first "son" Reggie (our cocker spaniel) died on May 2nd. I still miss him so much and find myself crying for one last day to cuddle with him on the couch. He was an awesome dog. Byson is slowly adjusting to life without his buddy....and Brynne has become his new best friend. They have a mutual love for each other ahahah. She smiles when she sees him, doesn't mind his daily licks on the face, and she loves to stand at his cage and talk to him when he's locked up. When she figures out how to open the lock to his cage, we're done. He'll never be locked up because she'll want to play with him. ahahahha

In addition to our dog dying, the heavy rains caused issues in our basement...ugh. I had to throw away a lot of things that I wanted to keep! Ugh. I have lots of work to do down there this summer. Work has also been stressful as usual, and some changes taking place next fall have made me down. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard, especially when I would love to just be a mommy and leave the work and stress behind!

On some happy notes....(because I know that even in times of storms, I am blessed!)

In the last month, Brynne has begun crawling high speed as well as pulling herself up onto everything. It's so cute to go get her in the morning and find her standing up in her crib. She's 9 months old now as of yesterday...and she's just getting so big! She loves cheerios, remote controls, and the computer still. I guess we should also add to that...the dog's bone and food too....we are in need of some baby gates now that she's very mobile!

This month, Brynne got to go to her first baseball game, got to feel grass for the first time, and hang with her grandparents and aunts/uncles on the Aukerman side. She was also able to meet Nate and Ryanne, our best friends who will someday be her in laws (they are expecting a son in September). Last weekend, Brynne got to hang with her Crawford side grandparents who came to visit her cousin for his birthday.

Well, the school year will end in less than two weeks, and I am very grateful for that! I need some time with my girl, Jason, and the dog....and some time to sort out life, mail and bills that have been shoved in an old Bath and Body Works bag, and time to clean the house! Ahhh! Thanks for your prayers....we, well, I, desperately need them right now!