Monday, August 24, 2009


Brynne loved turning one!

Happy Birthday Brynne (August 23)

I posted this yesterday.....but it accidentally got posted on Jason's blog! Oops!

Today is Brynne's first birthday! We had a party for her yesterday with family and a few of our closest friends (pictures to come), and today, we're going to celebrate by letting her have her first McDonalds Happy Meal. AHAHAHHA..I know...way healthy, and such a great thing to introduce a kid...but come on, it's her birthday! ahahah Currently, there is a police man out front....dealing with our car that got hit by an old lady. When he's's time to take Brynne birthday shopping and then for dinner. I'd post pictures....but they are loaded on another computer, so pictures are to come eventually! I'm way behind! Oh, I'm back at work these postings will be few and far between!