Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tonight Brynne and I made a quick trip to Bath and Body Works. We love their hand soap...and they're having a sale (plus if i got some soap I got a free bottle of lotion!) Sales get me! Anyways, on the way out of the mall, I decided to stop and check prices on tennis shoes for Brynne at a shoe store. Currently, she only wears shoes every so often since it's summer and she's a baby. We take her bare-footed (is that a word?) everywhere we go probably 90 percent of the time. Well, she's walking now and it's going to start getting colder...so we'll need to find some comfortable, neutral colored shoes she can wear. So far all of the shoes she's ever worn were given to her as gifts or hand me downs. I refuse to spend money on something that she'll grow out of in such a short time (Unless it's on clearance that is....so if anyone sees any good sales, let me know!) The other day I was at Target and didn't even want to spend 12 dollars on some cute shoes that I'll probably end up buying....OK, so back to the shoe store. SUCH cute shoes....SUCH HORRIBLE PRICES! I could never spend thirty dollars on a pair of shoes for a baby! They were cute as can be....I think I'd even wear them in my own size, but still...Wow, it shocked me. When do kids feet start slowing down? Maybe her foot size won't change so much anymore now that she's almost one. (Anyone know? Maybe she'll be in a four for a year? I have no clue about how all that works. I just know shes gone from a newborn to a 3 in less than a year...but it is the year babies triple their birth weight!) OK...i'm continuing to ramble and the whole point of this shoe store story was not the prices...it was the fact that Brynne was in HEAVEN when we walked in. She squealed so loudly and got giddy because of all the shoes. She loves shoes. She especially loves to eat shoes. Yea....that's the end of the story, and now it's not even as cute or as funny as it was when it all happened. I ruined it. I guess you had to be there. AHAHAHAH....so let me write something else that's cute instead...
Brynne's latest loves (besides her shoe fettish)...
1. She loves kissing her baby doll
2. She loves kissing us and our big dog (She's a huge kisser. We're going to have to watch her closely when she gets older if she keeps it up!)
3. She really enjoys eating toilet paper! GAG.
4. She still continues to love the dog's water and food ....man, she's so fast!
5. She enjoys the show Yo Gabba Gabba.
6. She loves to do her little squat and bounce dance when music is on.
7. She enjoys riding in shopping carts.
8. She loves Gerber Yogurt Melts. (She'd eat them all day if i'd let her!)

OK, I think I'll stop there....
Mainly...Brynne is just a very FUN baby to have around! :-) (Yet she is getting to be stubborn and sassy!) ;-)


Twila and Scott said...

Tormenting the do- check
eating toilet paper- check
yogurt melts- check

Isn't it funny how babies the same age are so much a like is so me ways?!?

I can't wait to see her big one year old pictures! Check Old navy for shoes. They are only like $10. The boy ones are cute. They have "converse" like shoes in solid colors and they are soft soles for walking.

Kelly said...

I know what you mean about the price of shoes....it is ridiculous!! Jenna has a very fat foot and we had to go to Stride Rite to get her shoes......they were $50!! Jason and I both were sick to our stomach paying that much for them, but they were the only shoes that would fit and she was walking everywhere....so we had no choice!! I hope her foot thins out very soon!

P.S. Brynne is adorable!! I love seeing the pics of her!