Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accomplishments, Deals, Food, and Fun!!!! What a week!

We've had a great week!

Tonight (July 11....10 1/2 months old) Brynne took her first steps. She was squealing when we cheered for her. I think she realizes she did something fantastic. ahahah. We'll see if it continues tomorrow!

I found some great deals online...summer clothes for Brynne for next summer!!! I shouldn't have spent money...but I saved money, right?! ahahahah I also found a good deal online on a car seat for Brynne...YAY! Good week, but expensive week!

We had lots of fresh fruit in the house this week....dumb detail, but it made me so happy! I love eating watermelon, strawberries (shortcake and pie), blueberries, and bananas!

Brynne tried lots of new foods this week and liked them all pretty well. Some of her favorites include yogurt, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, cheese, watermelon, and of course her yogurt melts and puffs. We've been working on her taste buds with eggs...and adding cheese did the trick. She especially loves anything that we're eating and will come up and make a noise and open her mouth as to say..."Sure, I'll have some too!"

We also went on walks, babysat Brynne's cousin and friend (Brynne had a lesson on sharing and keeping hands to herself), played with cousins, watched movies, cleaned the garage, ate daddy's yummy black bean portabella soup, and took a family trip to Oberweis to spend a gift card we were given.

Yay for summer!!!!

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